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Title: Amethysts and Opals and Diamonds
Characters/Pairing: Rabi/Rinali
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff. Uh. OMFG THEY'RE WET!!!11oneeleventy!!
Summary: Rabi takes Rinali out~ :D

Six roses, pale pink, for the lady. It suits the color of your cheeks, fair lady.

If the lady would please come this way and down the street we go, to that cute little Italian restraunt with a roof on which the customers may dine.

The fair lady blushes when her man makes a comment on how pretty she looks with her short, ebony hair and eyes such a color that amethysts would be put to shame in her presence. She floats on a cloud when she walks, skirts of a modest black dress rustling around her legs and--much to her man's dismay, he is sure to comment--hides them.

When Rinali slaps his arm gently and smiles, telling him to hush, Rabi says it's just the truth and shall we go inside because we do have reservations.

The Italian restraunt is indeed cute with little round tables and off-white tablecloths. Some customers are in here, enjoying food and drink over soft light. Men in snappy suits with curled moustaches lead the two outside to a table tucked away in a corner, as if almost purposely set away from everyone else. Rinali tosses Rabi a suspicious glance, but he shrugs with an innocent smile.

"Won't the lady sit down?" He even pulls the chair out for her. Rinali sighs with a shake of her head and sits. Rabi eases her chair forward a bit before seating himself. That goofy grin won't leave his face, she notices, and comments on as much. Rabi goes slightly red and pulls open a menu when handed one. Chuckling to herself, Rinali does the same.

Rabi is muttering the Italian names of food in a flawless accent, tongue curling around the words perfectly. He does this to distract himself from staring at her, because she really is pretty and he's quite sure she knows it. So off he rattles the names of food in an attempt to chase away the thoughts of Rinali and how the stars look reflected in her eyes (which is silly, because it's too cloudy for stargazing) that continue to put precious gems to shame. The amethysts weep and the rubies curl in on themselves, both feeling worth but a penny in her presence. He sets his menu down, smiling, and Rinali is giving him a curious look.

"Spaghetti, then?" Rabi asks as he looks out over the city.

"Spaghetti sounds good. Why did you say all those names in Italian?" Rinali rests her chin in a hand and pats the flower pinned behind her ear. A quiet little breeze rustles the tablecloth.

"Hm, just 'cause. Look, ain't it pretty?" A quick change of subject that Rinali follows without so much as batting an eyelash. For that, Rabi feels fortunate. But let's not question our luck now and stare at the scenery laying before us. We can see the tops of other buildings and there's all the streetlamps lit. Little pale yellow rectangles and squares indicate where a family is sitting in the livingroom and having quiet time together. Pair that with the pretty midnight sky covered in dark clouds and you have one beautiful night scene, glowing faintly with the warmth of early summer. The air smells damp. Rabi hopes it won't rain but at the same time thinks it would be nice to run back to inn while getting drenched and laughing.

A moment later and the waiter is gathering their menus, handing them refreshments and telling them that their food will be on its way soon. Until then, they sit, listening to a string quartet begin playing. Rinali's mouth forms an o of wonder at the music, swaying lightly to the tune.

And Rabi gets an idea to grasp her hands and pull her right up out of her seat, to the middle of the floor. Baffled, Rinali just stares at him.

"Dance," he says simply and began swaying to and fro, to and fro with the string quartet playing a slow song and Rinali just staring. A moment passes and a smile stretches on those pink lips.

Again, he insists, "Dance," while taking a hand and placing one on her waist. Step, step, twirl, step step, step step, and Rinali is still weak on her feet so they have to slow down. Emeralds and rubies and amethysts and diamonds all withdraw from the race for beauty. More precious then a gem, he thinks, more precious than gold and silver. Precious, precious...

"Rinali," he says softly, so scared to destroy the comfy atmosphere. "Hey, Rinali..."

"Yes?" she aknowledges. He swallows thickly, unsure of exactly why he got her attention. Did he just want to see those eyes...?

"Why does snow melt?" What a silly question, he admonishes himself. No point to it, exactly. He finds it odd that he's truly curious for the answer. She furrows her eyebrow at him a bit, thoughtfully. They've stopped dancing and other couples are moving around them now.

"Because Jack Frost fell in love with a flower," she replies after a long pause. Rabi finds himself chuckling. "You think it's funny? Well, it was a silly question to be asking." He shakes his head and ruffles her short hair, still chuckling. It was a silly question.

"Sorry," he apologizes with a grin and leads her back to the table by her hand.

The rest of the night seems to slip through his fingers. Dancing and eating spaghetti. Talking like they hadn't been able to in a long, long time. How was Komui these days? Oh, he was fine and even trying to cut back on coffee. It wasn't exactly going too well. Kanda? Grumpy as always. And you, Rinali, how are you? Well, she's just fine, still a little weak in the legs. Can't do much and has to sit a lot. Rabi's okay too, still apparently not good enough to be a bookman, by the old Panda's standards. Things like that pass the time before he even notices it.

Pearls and opals and amethysts and rubies and emeralds. All together they can not compare. Gold and silver all tarnished and worn in her very presence. She's more precious than any stone or metal made to be beautiful. He's not quite sure why.

And then it's raining.

They're running to the inn as fast as they can, splashing muddy water up to their calves. It's a game, a silly game, and they're both laughing and drenched and loving every minute of it. It's when they pull up next to the warm light coming from the inn that Rabi stops. Rinali somehow manages to say they're already soaked, need they sit out more over her giggles.

Rabi's head is reeling in his glee and he's not quite sure what he's doing anymore. There, attempting to catch his breath, he gets a crazy idea--an urge--and he can't resist.

He kisses her.

There's rainwater and after-dinner mint on her lips.

Time is frozen and he can swear the very second hand of the clock has stopped for them.

For the very hair of an instant, he's not quite sure if it was a good or bad thing to do. He breaks the kiss, tense and hoping there will be a smile gracing those lips. Rinali looks confused, trying to process what just happened. What just happened? Had he not been thinking? Rabi chastises himself mentally and is about to lift that hand off her shoulder when she covers it with her own.

She's smiling.

He feels a grin stretching on his face as he takes her hand and laces their fingers together. She swings their now twined arms a bit as they walk inside. Those still awake are there to welcome them with accusing stares and snickers hidden behind hands.

Diamonds and emeralds and gold and silver. Rinali was more precious than these.

Rabi takes a fluffy white towel when offered one and heads upstairs to change, lest he catch cold from sitting around in wet eveningwear. And as he heads upstairs he makes a promise to himself that he will never forget a single moment of that night.

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Tags: fanfic
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